ZM Ultra Crunchy Bites

Product Description
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Your Pets Will Love This Because:

  • Helps Improve movement, especially for pets with hip problems, helping your pet feel young again
  • Aids in the Protection of joints
  • Easy to administer, crunchy formula mixes easily with dry food making it ideal for cats
  • Helps reduce and prevent inflammation
  • Savory flavor - For dogs and cats

480 Gram Tub

Product Description

Low Allergen Crunchy Bite Formula – appetizing cheese flavor
• Contains Rimoxen (Hops extract) COX-2 inhibitor (Read the Rimoxen Study)
• 99% pure Glucosamine HCL
• US sourced Chondroitine Sulfate
• US sourced MSM – a natural anti-inflammatory
• EPA and DHA – Cold water fish oil
• Complete multivitamin with each dose
• 100% palatability and 100% satisfaction guarantee

INDICATIONS: Can be used as an overall wellness supplement for any-sized dog or cat where consistent daily dosing of a highly palatable delivery system is needed.

Other drugs may interact with Glucophage Xr including prescription and over-the-counter medicines. Not all possible interactions are listed in our medication guide.

Additional Information

Weight 1.3 lbs
Rice bran, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, purified water, flavor, sorbic acid, calcium propionate
Active Ingredients (Per Scoop)
Glucosamine HCL 500mg, Chondroitin Sulfate 400mg, MSM* (Methylsulfonylmethane) 300mg, Rimoxen (Proprietary Blend), Linoleic Acid 368mg, GLA (Gamma-linolenic Acid) 36mg, EPA* (Eicosapentanoeic Acid) 36mg, DHA*(Docosohexanoeic Acid) 28mg
Complete Multi-Vitamin Including
Calcium min 3%, Phosphorus 2.5%, Potassium 0.4%, Salt 0.30%, Chloride 0.25%, Magnesium 0.09%, Copper 0.05%, Manganese 0.06%, Vitamin A 1500 IU, Vitamin D 150 IU, Thiamine 0.24mg, Riboflavin 0.65mg, Pantothenic Acid 0.68mg, Niacin 3.7mg, Iron2.25mg, Pyridoxine 0.24mg, Folic Acid 0.05mg, Vitamin B12 7.0mcg, Zinc 1.5mg, Choline 40.0mg, Iodine 0.05mg
Nutritional Facts (Per Scoop)
Crude Protein min 6%, Crude Fat min 20%, Crude Fiber max 20%, Moisture max 12%, Vitamin E min 55 IU


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