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Sanitizing Whole-Body Wipes

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If you are in need of products that can sanitize your skin and hair, you might try our Sanitizing Whole-Body Wipes. For Use on Humans and Surfaces


You Will Love This Because:

  • It is formulated with 62% Ethyl Alcohol, which is within the CDC recommended alcohol content to effectively promote resistance to bacteria and viruses.
  • Safe for use on all hair types.
  • Safe for use on soft and porous surfaces
  • Maintains skin hydration with added Glycerin to prevent skin flaking and drying. 
  • Follows all CDC and FDA guidelines to promote resistance to viruses, bacteria, micro-organisms and fungus.

Additional Information

INDICATIONS: Topical wipes to help reduce bacteria and other micro-organisms that potentially can cause disease. 
FOR HUMANS: Wipe onto hands, arms, and legs, covering all areas. Wipe on hair. Allow to air dry. DO NOT WIPE EYES, NOSE, MOUTH, EARS, OR MUCOUS MEMBRANES.
FOR SURFACES: Safe for use on soft and porous surfaces. Wipe the surface uniformly until moist. Avoid soaking. For proper contact time, allow the solution to remain on the desired surface for a minimum of 1 minute. Leave to air dry.


  • Ethyl Alcohol 62% (V/V)
  • Purified Water
  • Sodium Laureth Sulfate ( SLES-60)
  • Glycerin
  • Fragrance
  • Chloroxylenol