• Exclusive Veterinarian Affiliate Program

    What could be easier or more customer-friendly than offering our entire product line direct to the consumer? Now your clinic has the option of selling Animal Pharmaceuticals pet products in your offices as well as online through our affiliate program. Best of all, signing up as an affiliate brings commission on every purchase to your clinic.

    Any clinic who is currently an active Patterson or MWI customer and carries Animal Pharmaceutical products in their practice is eligible to become an online partner, so don’t wait to sign up today!

    No one likes a lengthy submission and approval process, which is why we’ve made our affiliate process quick and easy, so you can get paid fast! Here’s how the process works:

    Just visit our Affiliate Sign Up form here, fill in the requested information and click “Submit.” What if my clinic does not have a PayPal account? That’s okay, just visit www.PayPal.com and sign up for free

    If your clinic meets the qualifications to sell our products online we will approve you. Your clinic will then become official Animal Pharmaceuticals affiliates, and your customers can fulfill all their pet product needs through our website.

    Once a consumer has selected your clinic from a list of participating clinics and made a purchase through our website, 20 percent of that sale along with each months sales for that particular clinic will be distributed into your clinics PayPal account at the end of each month.

    Customers work with their veterinarian on all stages of the pet care process. From diagnosing and treating their animals to purchasing health care and grooming products to medications and supplements, your practice will oversee and give the stamp of approval every step of the way. Customers can feel like their pets are in good hands even when they’re at home ordering products online. Clinics know that the animals they treat will receive top quality products that complement the great services they provide.

    We now offer customers of participating vet clinics the opportunity to buy products online with simple one-stop shopping. From soap-free shampoos and silky conditioners to ear cleaning solutions and medicated products to water-based body sprays in a variety of scents. Proud pet owners can now get it all with the click of a button.

    We don’t require that customers follow a lot of fancy rules. Instead, they simply go to our site, peruse our extensive collection of pet care products, add them to their cart and check out. Or they can buy products directly from your practice when they take their pet in. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

    Because we love animals, our priority continues to be manufacturing quality products you can trust. We adhere strictly to the Food and Drug Administration’s “Current Good Manufacturing Practices,” which dictate the highest standards of quality and purity for both animals and humans. These products are guaranteed to be strong and effective and always come with your veterinarian’s endorsement.

    Don’t wait to sign up. The process is free and simple, and as soon as you get started, your clinic can begin making commissions for online sales. Don’t wait — start today!

    Payment is simple. At the end of the month, a 20 percent commission from all products purchased is deposited into your veterinary clinic’s PayPal account. Sounds like a pretty good deal, right?

    Sign up today. It’s free, it’s easy, and in no time your veterinary clients’ can be shopping online for all their favorite Animal Pharmaceuticals products.